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Alphabet Clap Game
Alphabet SSP Game
Halloween Song
SSP Verb Game
Travel Game
Please Game
Get the Eraser Game
Interview Attack Game
Where Did the Ghost Go?
Personal Pronouns Game
He/She/They Game
Growing Up Game
YES NO Question Game
What are you doing?

Looking for fun activities for use in class? This Teaching Activities section features a variety of free, easy-to-use activities that you can download and use.

If you have a favorite activity, why not send it in to us to share with other teachers. If we publish your activity on the site, we'll send you a free mug from Oxford University Press.

2005/05/18   What are you doing?
2005/05/18   YES NO Question Game
2004/09/03   Growing Up Game
2004/03/25   He/She/They Game
2004/02/25   Personal Pronouns Game
2003/10/10   Where Did the Ghost Go?
2003/08/21   Interview Attack Game
2003/04/03   Get the Eraser Game
2003/03/11   Please Game
2002/10/07   Halloween Song - I'm a Pumpkin -
2002/08/20   Travel Game
2002/07/10   SSP Verb Game
2002/07/10   Alphabet Clap Game
2002/07/05   Alphabet SSP Game

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