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IIEEC has developed a range of effective, great value teaching materials for use in class or at home by teachers and students. All our materials have been developed and rigorously tested in class with our fiercest critics - our own students! We're pleased to report that they all passed the test.

From Picture Card sets through to Teacher's Guides, you can find out more about these materials through these pages. Please send us an email or call us if you have any questions. To order materials please use our convenient online order form.

Action Cards are a superb, colorful way to
introduce phrasal verbs, tenses and persons effectively and enjoyably.

Teacher and Student Cards

An innovative MAT Method-based two level series that offers an effective and systematic way to teach reading and writing.
Based on an effective grammar based syllabus with attractive pictures, these cards teach the basic question forms.
Teacher and Student Cards
Expression Cards are full of expressions that are most frequently used in daily life.

Teacher and Student Cards
Materials for use at Christmas, Halloween and on other occasions throughout the year. IIEEC Hello English Textbook
・ MAT Method Resources
・ National Flag Cards

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