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Special Occasions

IIEEC offers materials designed for special events and holidays including Christmas Picture Cards, a collection of words related to Christmas, and Halloween Picture Cards featuring halloween characters.

Christmas Cards

This delightful set contains vividly colored picture cards to introduce Christmas vocabulary such as Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree, etc. These attractive full-color picture cards are not only useful in teaching vocabulary, but they can also be used to teach students to make various sentences such as "The dog loves Santa Claus", "The bear is decorating a Christmas tree", etc.

(Teacher's Cards : A5 size, 24 cards, full color)

Halloween Cards

This spooky set of picture cards contains Teacher Cards and Student Cards with Halloween motifs and characters such as a witch, a vampire, a haunted house, etc.

(Teacher's Cards : A4 size, 16 cards, full color)
(Activity Cards : apploximately B7 size, 16 cards, black and white)
*Set only

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