Certificate Program 参加者様のコメントご紹介 Workshop 3 「あなた自身を知ること、あなたの生徒を知ること」, Workshop 4「発話させながら読む力を最大限につける」 から 

Workshops 3 & 4 について参加者様のコメントを一部ご紹介いたします。

— Workshop 3 あなた自身を知ること、あなたの生徒を知ること より–

I have been following the advice to give each lesson more variety. Students speak to one another has greatly livened up my lessons and has greatly increased my students lesson retention. I am thrilled to see that my students are remembering material, and even more thrilled that they are able to remember in a way that is fun for them. アドバイスの通り、毎回のレッスンで様々なバラエティに富んだ内容で教えるようにしました。生徒同士の会話によりレッスンに活気がでて生徒は良く学習できるようになりました。生徒がどんどん英語を覚えるのを見るのはとても楽しくやりがいを感じます。

Once students do enjoy verbalizing what they have been taught and feel confident of saying them, they automatically like to challenge themselves by asking me how to say the bigger numbers which they have not been taught. 生徒は新しく覚えたことに自信を持って発言できるようになると、さらにチャレンジを求めるようになりました。

I thought that MAT pie chart is a great model that I can refer to when I make lesson plans and learning how MI’s can be applied to each section of the MAT lesson pie chart was eye opening. MATパイチャートは素晴らしいと思います。そしてMIをそれぞれのパイチャートのセクションにあてはめていくことに驚きました。

I observed my students while they were playing games, singing, reading, and drawing. I could find many things that I hadn’t noticed before. Based on the data, I made a new lesson plan.(…) Our lesson time is limited, so we would like to provide a better environment. These activities based on the eight intelligences are very useful to conduct lessons. Teachers can respect the students’ talents, and develop their students’ aptitude. ゲーム、歌、本読み、お絵かきをさせながら、生徒たちをよく観察してみました。以前には気がつかなかったことがたくさんわかりました。それをもとにレッスンプランを新しく作りました。レッスンの時間が限られているので、よりよい環境を提供しなければなりません。8つの知能に基づいたアクティビティーはレッスンにとても有用です。教師は生徒の才能を重んじることができるし、個々の能力を伸ばしてやることができます。

Surprisingly using different techniques have motivated my students in a positive way and it also showed the enthusiasm of students who were less involving in the lessons.

Learn to be more patient, sensitive and considerate to look at their own abilities rather than being just there teaching the lesson with no direction at all. By applying all these knowledge I learned in all these workshops including this workshop give me a feeling of relief and confidence that I can create a well-behaved class environment. And I feel much easier now in carrying out my lessons. And much more, these MI Theory is both beneficial for us because I am not only there helping my students to learn more and be better but I am also helping myself as their teacher to be more efficient in teaching them.

I am not just there inside the classroom as their mere teacher to teach the lesson but I am there together with them discovering, exploring and bringing out their best self and skills so as mine. As they say, Building a beautiful sense of community in the classroom begins with appreciating the uniqueness of each child in the classroom.

I realized even if there were a ready-made teaching lesson plan, it was necessary to re-arrange the order of the lesson to make it attractive.

— Workshop 4 発話させながら読む力を最大限につける より–

The MAT Phonics is especially interesting. I had never thought about the phonics like this but this is the best way for children to learn phonics and help them a lot when they need the words, sentences and books.
MAT フォニックスは興味深く、最善の教え方と思いました。

Reading activities are also great ways for children because some children don’t like reading, just by sitting down and looking at the textbook. Children would enjoy these reading activities with or without the textbook because they are more fun than just reading written English. Also, I think the pair practice in reading activities is a great idea. I didn’t get my students practicing in pairs so much when it comes to reading.

I really like the ideas of MAT Vowel Actions. I also like the idea of Phonics Math.

What stood out to me the most in this session was the idea that reading and writing reinforces oral language. Until I had heard this, I had considered writing and especially reading, additional obstacles for the students.

This session has greatly helped me with tackling the difficult task of teaching reading. I have been approaching each lesson with more confidence and as a result my students have been gaining confidence in their reading as well.

Earlier teaching phonics was a challenging task for me, because every time most of my students tend to remember the letter name instead of the letter sound. As the consonants are grouped in a way that can easily understand it is easy to use with students and easy to make them understand.

After introducing role play, I have found that this method works really well and even the shy kids in the class can complete the conversations. This is satisfying to see and shows that I have passed the “teacher’s test”!

(Workshops 5 & 6 のコメントはこちらから。)

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