Message from Ritsuko Nakata

Welcome to the IIEEC Teacher Training Center. Thank you for your interest in our organization. Our purpose and aim is to raise the standards of English Education of Children, and to provide excellent training to teachers.

There are many ways to teach, with lots of different methods and theories, however, our children cannot wait for teachers to learn how to teach. We must give our students the most effective lessons now!

The abilities of children are boundless. And it is our job as teachers to exploit their abilities so that they will learn as much as possible in our limited once-a-week classes. Teachers must be responsible for the results they get in their classes ? and not blame the student for not achieving the teacher’s goals. In order to do this, the teacher has to be prepared to teach in many different ways to reach all his students.

Having experienced a lot of setbacks in my own early days of teaching, I used to blame the kids for not learning or keeping up even though we played a lot of games and had fun. Students know whether or not they are progressing, and just playing games and singing songs eventually bore them, unless these things helped them retain what they learn. So I decided if we can make the whole lesson game-like and fun, students will learn and have a good time, too.

Patching all the different ways I tried and tested, I came up with what I call the Model Action Talk (MAT) METHOD. The Model Action Talk (MAT) METHOD utilizes both sides of the brain at the same time and is an organized and systematic way to teach in a minimal amount of time. Students are taught systematically with the MAT Practice Keys which keeps the focus on the target language and keeps the lesson intensive, but fun, with unique practice techniques such as the 6-second DRILL. At the same time, natural speed, rhythm, intonation and good pronunciation is mastered. I call this, Living English. We teach how people really talk. Important to language learning, reading and writing is taught while they learn to speak. Many thousands of teachers throughout Japan have attended the workshops, and have reported dramatic results. I hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Ritsuko Nakata
IIEEC Founder
Creator of the Model Action Talk (MAT) METHOD
Co-author of Let’s Go