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MAT METHOD® Online Program

〜IIEEC Teacher Training ONLINE Certificate Program 2024 〜

Online 15-Hour Course to Learn MAT Method® from the Basics

This program is based on the valuable 15 hours of videos from the IIEEC-OUP Teacher Training Certificate Program, developed with the cooperation of Oxford University Press (OUP). It is a certification program that teaches the MAT Method® through six workshops, which over 2,000 English teachers have participated in over the past 15 years. Originally conducted in three sessions over three months, this program can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. You can repeatedly watch the videos, deepening your learning while feeling as though you are attending the lectures alongside the enthusiastic participants.

Lectures are primarily in English, but important points are also explained in Japanese, ensuring a comfortable learning experience.

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Check out the feedback from our participants!
 -Comments from the 2020 participants are available here.
 -For comments from 2023 participants, visit our Instagram @matmethodofficial

Certificate of Completion
Participants who submit the optional English report will receive a Certificate of Completion from IIEEC, signifying the successful completion of this rigorous program. Display this certificate proudly in your classroom and continue your efforts to improve English education for children in Japan. *Note: This is not a certified teacher program.

Report Submission Deadline
– Within four months of the start date (for example, if starting on January 29, the deadline would be May 29; if starting on July 30, the deadline would be November 30).
– Details on how to submit the report will be provided separately.
– Report submission is optional, but writing about your practice in the report can deepen your learning.
– Please allow approximately one month for assistance with your report and for the certificate of completion to be issued.

Three New Points and Benefits

  1. You can watch the videos repeatedly while referring to the materials. Being able to watch them again and again at your own pace is a significant advantage. Plus, the sense of being with other participants in the videos adds motivation during the course.
  2. We have meticulously reviewed the handouts (about 70 pages) to enable deeper understanding and immediate application in lessons.
  3. A dedicated trainer will directly respond to opinions and questions during practice mentioned in your report, making your learning experience more fruitful. Please write about any questions, problems, and creative solutions you discovered during and after practicing the lessons immediately after watching each lecture in your report. 

Three Points to Acknowledge

  1. You will be learning from edited videos that were originally recorded by IIEEC for archival purposes. They have received positive feedback for offering a learning experience comparable to attending live lectures.
  2. Faces of participants are edited out to protect privacy, so there are sections with only audio/subtitles.
  3. For the skills session parts, actual practice scenes have been cut to 10-20 seconds. Please pause the video as needed, practice on your own, and try to apply what you’ve learned in your lessons immediately.

This certified program, consisting of six workshops (totaling 12 modules of lectures and exercises), aims first and foremost for teachers to gain the confidence to teach English to children effectively, regardless of the classroom setting — online, large, or small groups. By participating, you can make your lessons more vibrant and effective, thereby also enhancing your motivation as a teacher. We hope you take this opportunity to complete all six workshops online and immediately apply what you’ve learned to your lessons.

Regarding Video Access and Course Participation
Links to each workshop video (with password) will be sent to you via email.

Three Important Points

  1. You will learn from edited videos that use past recordings from IIEEC. These videos provide a learning experience similar to attending live lectures.
  2. The videos are edited to hide the faces of participants, so some sections will have audio or subtitles only.
  3. For the skills session parts, practice scenes are shortened to 10-20 seconds. Feel free to pause the video, practice on your own, and try implementing what you learn in your lessons right away.

This certification program consists of six workshops (12 modules in total, including lectures and exercises) and aims to empower teachers to confidently and effectively teach English to children in any type of classroom setting, whether it’s online, with a large group, or a small group. Participating in this program can help make your lessons more engaging and effective and increase your motivation as a teacher. We encourage you to take this opportunity to complete all six workshops online and use what you’ve learned in your lessons immediately.

Accessing the Course and Videos
You will receive links (with passwords) to the workshop videos by email.

Course Fee
Each workshop costs ¥9,000 (tax included), with a total of 6 workshops costing ¥54,000 (tax included).
For this fiscal year, the total fee is discounted to ¥48,000 (tax included).
Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

*The course fee includes access to 16 videos for unlimited viewing, a set of handouts (over 70 pages in total),
   and responses from a dedicated trainer.
*Please note that receipts will not be issued. Please use the bank transfer receipt as proof of payment.
*The transfer fees are to be borne by the customer.

【Bank Transfer Information】
  Mizuho Bank,  Kitazawa Branch 213
  Ordinary Account: 2485219       
  Account Name: ユ) アイ・アイ・イー・イー・シー  
  Fee: ¥48,000(tax included)

  If paying via PayPal, the fee will be  ¥49,960(tax included)

Before You Start
This program is a valuable experience gained from investing your time and effort to grow as an educator and support your students’ learning. We hope you fully utilize these materials to achieve great results in your lessons. The purchased video materials and handouts are for your personal use only. Sharing them with others not only diminishes the program’s unique value but may also violate copyright laws.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s work together to enhance the quality of lessons and create an environment where students can enjoy learning even more.
We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Application Periods
Session 1: January 15 (Monday) – January 30 (Monday)  completed
Session 2: February 19 (Monday) – February 29 (Thursday) completed
Session 3: March 4 (Monday) – March 31 (Sunday) completed
Session 4: Open Enrollment (apply  at any time)

Note: Submit your application when it’s most convenient for you. However, we recommend starting your course before the busy fall season to ensure an enriching learning experience!

You can apply from HERE!

Cancellation Policy
Please note that we cannot refund the course fee once the video delivery has started, under any circumstances.

Contact Us
Feel free to use the inquiry on our website!

This program is well-received for its engaging video lectures, making learners feel as if they are attending class alongside enthusiastic students. We look forward to receiving your application.

IIEEC Teacher Training Center