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MAT Basic Reading and Writing Series

The IIEEC MAT Basic Reading and Writing Series is an innovative teaching aid in two levels that offers an effective and systematic way to teach reading and writing. Based on the MAT Phonics method, it is possible for students to learn all of the sounds in the alphabet in just a few lessons.

MAT Basic Reading & Writing Level 1

Teacher’s Set 18,270 yen (Tax included)
CD 2,940 yen (Tax included)

Teacher’s Set Level 1

The main focus of Teacher Set Level 1 is teaching the alphabet and three-letter words. Along with basic phonics, words such as What, is,and you, that do not confirm to phonic patterns are also taught as Basic Key Words, helping your lessons quickly move onto the reading and writing of sentences.

MAT Vowels Chart 1 (PDF file)
Alphabet Chart (PDF file)
MAT Consonants (PDF file)
Teacher’s Alphabet Cards(A5) x 26
Phonics Math Cards x 23
Teacher’s Manual

Basic Key Word Cards Level 1 x 34
3 Letter Word Cards/Picture Cards x 38
Student’s Alphabet Cards(A7) x 52

Teacher’s Set Level 2

Focusing on double consonants and long vowels, Teacher Set Level 2 aims to complete the learning of basic English pronunciation and takes students up to the level where they can read and write sentences found in junior high school English textbooks without difficulty.

MAT Vowels 2 Chart (PDF file)
MAT Vowels 3 Chart (PDF file)

MAT Consonants 2 Chart (PDF file)

Teacher’s Manual
Basic Key Word Cards Level 2 x 24
CD 2,800 yen (Tax included)

MAT Phonics Cards / Picture Cards x 36

Student Workbook

The Student Workbooks correspond to the Teacher Sets. They include a set of cards that can be used for sentence building. This is an ideal first workbook for any young student.

Level 1
Level 2

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