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Action Cards

The IIEEC Action Cards are a superb way to introduce phrasal verbs effectively in a short period of time. The Action Cards have been designed so that the tenses and the differences of person can be taught smoothly.

  • Each set contains 24 verb (phrasal verb) cards.
  • Aim to solidify these 24 verbs with your students over a period of 3-4 months.
  • The Level A set includes verbs that are easy to associate with actions and introduce, but you can choose cards from all sets, A to D, to match your lessons and situations.
  • The A5-sized Teacher’s Cards are perfect for introduction and review. They are easy for students to see and convenient for teachers to flash, allowing for efficient and effective lessons.
  • The A7-sized student cards are extremely handy for activities. Having several sets ready in the classroom can be very practical.
Action Card SET A Action Card SET B
Action Card SET C Action Card SET D

Unlike typical cards that only depict actions, IIEEC’s original verb cards are designed with animals performing the same actions, providing a broader range of teaching possibilities. Effective for teaching pronouns and tenses, IIEEC Action Cards are versatile and can be used for a wide range of ages, from young children to upper elementary students.

Each set comes with a Teacher’s Manual, which includes the following content:

  • Level A: How to introduce / Review / Introducing ‘can’, Q & A, ‘every day’ / Introducing imperative sentences / Activities
  • Level B: How to introduce / Review / Introducing ‘like to’, ‘want to’, ‘have to’, ‘be going to’, third person singular / Activities
  • Level C: How to introduce / Review / Introducing ‘always’, ‘sometimes’ / Activities
  • Level D: How to introduce / Review / Introducing ‘be + ing’, S-V-O-O / Activities

Past Tense Cards

IIEEC Past Tense Cards are monochrome versions of the same illustrations as the IIEEC Action Cards, designed for children who have already learned verbs with the Action Cards to practice and understand the distinction of tenses. Even students who cannot yet read words can practice while becoming aware of the change in tense to “the past.”

The Past Tense Cards include the pronunciation of the regular verb past tense ending ‘-ed’ as [d], [t], [id], allowing teachers to sort them quickly without spending too much time.

They are A5 size, in monochrome, and come with a Teacher’s Manual.

Action Card Past Tense

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