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Let’s Go (Oxford University Press)

The Let’s Go series is made of eight very delightful course books written for very young children to upper elementary to junior high students. The texts were the first EFL (English as a Foreign Language) that addressed the needs of the students to get them to really communicate with each other.

Before Let’s Go was published in 1990, many of the texts were ESL (English as a Second Languagae) based, and not very appropriate for new learners. With the Let’s Go base of teaching vocabulary, the sentence that goes with it and the two question forms (WH~, Yes/No), it was instrumental in revolutionizing the teaching of English to students living in non-English speaking countries. Teachers, who were doing all the talking in a Teacher Centered lesson, were finally able to teach students to speak out in sentences and ask questions to each other. With this new approach to getting students to “talk”, Let’s Go has led the world in teaching English to EFL students.

LET’S BEGIN 1 – for young learners

This text covers teaching the alphabet and phonics in a fun and rhythmic way. In addition basic expressions and sentences are covered and the workbook covers practicing writing the alphabet with games and coloring.

LET’S BEGIN 2 – for young learners to lower elementary

This is an excellent starting text for young learners. It covers the basic patterns and expressions needed for communication. They are taught through fun songs and activities in the CD that will help students learn very quickly.

LET’S GO Levels 1 ~ Level 6

These are graded texts with communicative settings which help the student learn how language is used, not only how to say words or sentences. With songs and chants and fun activities, the texts as well as the workbook and skills book that comes with a CD, students learn how to use the language presented in a communicative way.