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Teacher Training

This program is recommended for teachers who want to:

-Teach with confidence and deliver effective lessons as a professional English instructor for children.

Many teachers who have faced the following challenges have benefited from our courses:

  • Students forget what they learned the previous week.
  • Uncertain about what to do when students can’t recall previously taught material.
  • Constantly having to give hints because students struggle to remember words or sentences during games.
  • Students love games but quickly lose interest when the lesson begins.
  • Unsure how to teach question form, tenses, or grammar.
  • Struggling to get students to speak in full sentences.
  • Wondering how to encourage students to talk to each other.
  • Seeking ways to motivate students and make them enthusiastic learners.
  • Looking for methods to manage the class and ensure they follow instructions.
  • Need guidance on how to interact with and teach younger students.
  • Unclear about what to teach and how to go about it.
  • Aiming to teach systematically and develop the ability to apply teaching methods effectively.

Numerous teachers have resolved these issues from the next lesson onward with the IIEEC’s MAT Method® for teaching English to children.

To teach with confidence as a professional English teacher, you also need to ‘practice teaching and acquire the skills’ necessary for success.”

Improve your teaching with the MAT METHOD® and our effective teaching seminars for teachers of children.