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 This course of 6 seminars has been developed for English language teachers whose native language is not English, primarily Japanese teachers of English.
  The course covers language for use in the classroom and focuses on giving teachers confidence in conducting their classes entirely in English.

 If you are working with a Japanese teacher who you think might be interested in this seminar, please click here to e-mail details to them.

To be announced
Please check if you are interested. We will inform you when a class begins.

Chose five skills in English that you would like to improve.
Fluency in everyday conversation
Skill in expressing your own opinions as intended
Skill in giving accurate and precise explanations
Grammatical Accuracy
Pronunciation and intonation
Practical teaching skills
Classroom English expressions
Reading comprehension for newspaper articles, novels etc.
Letter writing
Knowledge of idioms etc.
Skills required for enjoying movies without subtitles

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