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 What kind of stories can we tell our students?
How can we tell stories effectively, and how can we adapt them to what the students are learning? Experience how you can tell stories and make fun activities for the very young to junior high students.

 It is widely acknowledged that the magic powers of stories are common in both native language and foreign language learning situations. Many teachers know that storytelling can be an enjoyable "tool" in teaching language but are unsure how to introduce storytelling effectively in their daily lessons. Have you ever spent a tremendous amount of time hunting for the perfect book for your students only to find that it wasn't really suitable for your class after all?

 Come to the IIEEC Creative Storytelling & Activities Workshop and learn how to choose the right book every time and also how to tell stories in a fun and interactive way and find out how to deal with stories containing language your students have not yet studied. We'll also demonstrate how to include stories in your MAT-based lesson plans without interrupting your broader curriculum. Many review activities to reinforce the students' understanding of the story will also be introduced. Don't miss this opportunity to bring the magic of storytelling to your classes!

★Participation Fees
(IIEEC Member) \8,400*
(Non-Member) \10,500*
* Tax included

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