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It is said that young children can learn English better, but how can we teach those who are not even able to speak Japanese well?
This workshop will show you effective techniques and activities for teaching conversation for this level.

Getting a head start in learning English is currently the dominant picture in the scene of English education. The earlier you start, the better it is -- this seems to be the prevalent idea that exists among many parents and teachers alike. Children as young as one or two years of age can be seen in English classes, but how can you teach children who have just barely learned to speak their native language, let alone English?Responding to the requests of many teachers, IIEEC started its Pre-school Workshop from February, 2000.

It takes a highly experienced teacher well versed in the area to manage a group of preschool youngsters. Various teaching techniques based on the MAT METHOD will be shown to set the stage for an efficient and well-run classroom. Since good management skills are fundamental for all areas of teaching, you will learn how to organize your class as well as addressing the behavioral and emotional needs of the young students.

 Pre-School Workshop
Pre-School Workshop covers how the right brain works in children and basic teaching techniques and activities and variations and expansion of these techniques.

★Participation Fees
(IIEEC Member) \8,400*
(Non-Member) \10,500*
* Tax included

★How to Apply
1. Please check the date of the seminar you would like to attend.
2. Please fill out the following form.
3. Meetings may be canceled if there are less than 10 participants.
Reserve at least one week in advance.


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Iplease contact us by iiecc_tokyo@yahoo.jp.co.

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