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The IIEEC Teacher Training Center stands for the Institute for the International English Education of Children. The name signifies the many aspirations and goals that I had for teaching and teacher training.

With Institute I wanted to give it an academic feel, so that what we teach is not just surface things — not just entertainment, but things that have been proven to work in the classroom, as well as reported in academic research. We need to show progress in what our students can do, otherwise, we will not be professional teachers.

International is meant for children to be “international,” and that the English they learn will be understood by all peoples of the world. The English that the children learn would propel them into the world and support them in becoming bridges to tightening mutual understanding and relations among international peoples. They will learn about how cultures are different, and teachers should be open-minded and creative.

Education is meant for children to be taught, not only English, but anything that would broaden their outlook on the things they learn and on life. “Education” means that the teachers will also get training and education in how to teach as well as what to teach and use the best techniques to get the quickest and best results. At IIEEC, the teachers will get training in teaching children through the Model Action Talk® METHOD. With this method, things that are difficult, but yet necessary for communication can be taught effectively in a very short period of time with dramatic results.

Children, of course, signifies the great responsibility that we, as teachers have in educating them and helping them become citizens of the world. Because we specialize in children, our lessons are never dull. We keep pace with interactive lessons that have students talking to each other in class, so that they will have maximum time practicing speaking with each other. They are taught the Four Skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing smoothly with new MAT techniques and activities. Teachers are asked to be “professional” and teach just like they would want their own children to be taught.

That is why we are proud to say we specialize in “Quality and Excellence in Teacher Training”.