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Condolences from IIEEC Teacher Training Center

Dear Teachers,

I hope you are all well and safe and that your families and friends are also.

The aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami we see on TV is hard to believe and that it is actually a part of Japan.

We pray that all our friends are safe and sound throughout the country.

I just returned from Niigata, where the OUP workshop was canceled because of the earthquakes in that area also. It was difficult getting back to Tokyo, and we had to fly to other parts of Japan to return. We were able to see and feel how much Honshu was affected by the earthquakes.

Due to the uncertainly of the situation, safety factors for all concerned, and transportation facilities, I am sorry to say we will cancel the 2-day MAT Seminar in Tokyo. We hope to be able to hold it again soon. Please forgive the inconvenience this will cause participants who were looking forward to this Seminar.

Please take care and may we all stay strong during this difficult time.

We send our sincere condolences to all involved and hope to hear from our friends that they are safe and sound.

Ritsuko Nakata
IIEEC Teacher Training Center