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OSAKA Study Group Meeting June 28 (Sun) Information ■Completed■

Dear Teachers,

We hope everything is going well.
Our next Osaka Study Group Meeting will be on June 28th(Sun.) 13:00 – 16:00

Imagine the situation.
We are going on a camp! “What do you need?”
Mother is asking, “Do you need ~?”
We often hear that it is difficult to teach Yes/ No Questions and also hear that the students are a little confused, too.

With the Model, Action, Talk (MAT) METHOD, students will learn in a fun way with excellent retention.
Please join us and see how your students will enjoy to speak out and USE English.

Also we plan to have OSG on the following dates.
September 27th (Sun) Bentencho ORC200 Shougai Gakushu Center
November 29th (Sun) Bentencho ORC200 Shougai Gakushu Center

The topic for these sessions will be announced through the IIEEC Homepage.
We would love to see you all soon!


IIEEC Teacher Training Center