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Fukuoka Study Group Meeting July 21st (Sun) 2019 ■Completed■

FUKUOKA Study Group Meeting Announcement

We will be holding our Fukuoka Study Group Meeting on July 21st (Sun).

The Fukuoka Study Group is for everyone interested in teaching children. It is a meeting for teachers to experience how to teach and how students learn as well. New members are welcomed, and since we review the Model, Action, Talk (MAT) METHOD techniques, we hope you will learn how with the others. Whether you teach only a few students or a large group in school, you will be able to teach words and sentences easily. You will be amazed at how your students will speak out. We hope you will make great discoveries as many teachers do at this meeting.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fukuoka Study Group Meeting!

IIEEC Fukuoka