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FUKUOKA Study Group Meeting Sept. 28th (Sun) ■Completed■

Hi, Teachers.

How was your summer vacation? Was it fun? We hope you had a great summer!
School has started again. You will probably have a lot of events (Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas etc.) and will be quite busy from now.

For the Fukuoka Study Group meeting, our topics are “How to use the daily expression cards & do a role play (a skit)”. We will also show “Fun Halloween Activities”.

After we introduce the daily expressions, we will show how role play can be done. There are 5 basic reactions for Role Play in the MAT METHOD. What are the 5 Reactions? Come and find out! We’re going to introduce how to make an effective short (long) skit using the MAT METHOD.

Also we’re going to show you some Fun Halloween Activities. They are not only fun but they are effective learning activities.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!