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OSAKA Study Group Meeting Dec. 2 (Sun) ■Completed■

Do you have any difficulties in teaching your classes? Do you have students who cannot concentrate or who always forget what they have learned the previous week?

The MAT METHOD may give you an answer for solving these problems.

At the Osaka Study Group Meeting, we would like to share with you the wonderful results you can get with the MAT METHOD, which really helps students USE English on their own.

The topic for our next Study Group Meeting is checking the basic steps of the MAT METHOD as we teach the concept of adjectives using the comparative form. Do you think it is difficult to teach the comparative form to young children? If you teach with the MAT METHOD, which gives the students the time to practice how to use the language many times in a fun way, even the youngest ones will make a great progress. Seeing is believing. Please come and experience the power of the MAT METHOD.

We will also introduce some fun Christmas Activities, which will surely bring a great sensation to your class.

Please join us and see your students change!!!