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OSAKA Study Group Meeting June 22nd (Sun) ■Completed■

Hello, Teachers!
How are your students doing these days? I’m sure they are doing well, but do you sometimes feel it difficult to have your students concentrate during your lessons? Are there times when you feel that students easily forget what you have taught them?

The MAT METHDO might solve these problems.

The topics for our next Osaka Study Group Meeting are how to teach the sentence patterns, “What do you like?” and “What do you like to do?”  We will demonstrate how intensive and fun a MAT lesson can be. Also there will be time for you to practice the steps of the MAT Practice System so that you can try it within your class from the following day!!

We plan to introduce some fun ‘summer’ activities, which you might want to try at your summer parties or your summer camps as well as in your daily lessons.

Please join us and see how the magic of the MAT METHOD will change your students !!!

Seats are limited so please make reservations to confirm your seat.