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OSAKA Study Group Meeting June 30 (Sun) ■Completed■

Another school year has started and we hope you are enjoying teaching English at your classes.

Since we had many requests after the meeting in March, we will again show how a whole 50 minute lesson could be done using the MAT METHOD at our next Osaka Study Group Meeting. We received many good comments on the lesson we demonstrated in March. Teachers who took the part of the students’ role said that they were excited and involved to the lesson and they couldn’t believe how fast the lesson was over.

We would like to demonstrate how to do Warm Up with MAT Verbs, reinforce Daily Expressions, Review, as well as show how to introduce the Main Lesson and the Reading and Writing corner. Our meeting in June will be another rare opportunity to see a whole lesson. The topic for the main lesson will be “how to introduce family members” and the question with ‘Who’. We hope you will be able to take back some hints and tips that you can use immediately.

We also plan to share some summer activities that you might want to try at Summer Camp or Summer Parties.

Please join us and see how the magic of the MAT METHOD will change your students!!!