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OSAKA Study Group Meeting March 13th (Sun) Information ■Completed■

OSAKA Study Group Meeting March 13th (Sun) Information

Dear Teachers,

We hope you are having an exciting time with your students as you are finishing this school year.

These are the topics for our next Study Group Meeting.

1) How to teach the question and answer sequence of “What do you want?”

2) How to teach the Yes, No question, “Do you want an orange?”

3) Ideas for using the conversation pages in the textbooks efficiently.

4) Ideas of Easter Activities

We will have group sessions so that participants can take turns being a teacher.

This is a very practical time to improve your skills in using the Practice system of the MAT METHOD. Please join us and see how your students’ eyes will sparkle with the MAT METHOD

We will demonstrate how to practice conversations in various ways using the Let’s Talk section of Let’s Go Book 1, (Oxford University Press), which can be found in every textbook, so come and get some ideas to use these pages efficiently.

Reservation is necessary. Please reserve now to assure your seat.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.