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Osaka Study Group Meeting November 17th (Sun) ■Completed■

Dear teachers,

It seems like autumn is coming slowly but surely.
We hope you are enjoying your classes with your students.

Our main topic for the next Osaka Study Group Meeting is the present progressive tense.
We receive a lot of request on this grammar point. So it seems like a lot of Japanese young learners have difficulties in handling this grammar point and maybe the teachers are finding it difficult to teach, too.

When we look at our classes, students know that they need the ‘ing’ but may drop the be verb, or are not certain in how to change the be verb according to the subject.
How should we help our students learn better?

With the MAT METHOD, we use the magical 6-second DRILLs so that the students can learn it quickly within the unit.

At our meeting, we would like to share some fun and efficient ideas on how to teach the progressive tense easily without stress. Since it is the season we look forward to Christmas, we will introduce some Learning Activities where Santa Claus and his wife, Mrs. Clause will join in.

So please come and join us and learn about the Model Action Talk (MAT) METHOD!!

Please make a reservation now to assure your seat.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

IIEEC Osaka Office