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OSAKA Study Group Meeting Sep. 8 ■Completed■

The topics for the September Osaka Study Group Meeting are “What do you do every day?” and “Do you ~ every day?”

This is a very simple and basic Question and Answer sequence, so it is a good opportunity to see how the basic steps of the MAT METHOD are organized to help your students learn English in a fun way. Also, some students seem to have more difficulty in learning how to say the “Yes / No Questions.” The MAT METHOD will make it easy and fun!

In addition, we would like to share various Learning Activities that will suit your students’ ages or class size. What are the points that we need to be careful about when we teach very young students? Or what elements do we need to add when we teach older students?

We are preparing some fun Halloween activities as well.

Please come and join us and see the wonderful results which the MAT METHOD will bring to your class.

【Osaka Study Group Meeting (June 30) Report