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FUKUOKA Study Group Meeting Report Sep. 30

福岡3 9.30 CIMG1103.JPGWe would like to thank all the teachers for attending our IIEEC Fukuoka Study Group Meeting in September.

The topic for this meeting was “Teaching the Progressive Form”. We showed how to introduce it effectively as well as activities for getting students to learn it well. Also, we reviewed the Basics of the MAT METHOD and introduced fun and active Halloween Ideas.

After welcoming the participants, the teachers introduced themselves and shared with us about what they were doing in their classes.

Here are some of the things we did at our meeting:

福岡1 9.30  CIMG1098.JPG1. For the Warm-up song, we used “Doing Things” from LET’S GO 2 (4th Edition) Unit 8. This is a good song for students to sing and get familiar with the progressive form.

2. Practice Key 1
We always review the steps of the MAT METHOD at every meeting. This is so that a new member can understand how to teach with MAT and the reasons why they are effective. In addition, teachers who come regularly can be reminded of the important teaching points of MAT. These teachers are always impressed and tell us they make “new discoveries” at each meeting. In order to activate everyone’s memory, we reviewed MAT techniques with a fun “Spin Game”. Teachers played in pairs and after several active rounds, many were panting out of breath, laughing and excited as they had fun doing the activity. (^o^)

福岡2 9.30 CIMG1099.JPG3. It’s Your Turn
This Study Group is a learning opportunity for teachers and gives teachers a chance to participate and experience being a teacher as well as a student. It is not a passive meeting of only lectures.
Following the introduction of the theme, we always have the participants experience what we demonstrate by dividing them into several groups (4-5 people) where they practice it as a teacher or a student. All of them practiced well.
There were some teachers who attend regularly, but some of them said they could not do the review lesson in a short time. A teacher from Kumamoto said she had attended the two-day seminar ten years ago, but had not used the MAT METHOD in her lessons. She remembered how to use the cards and practiced many times, so she learned quickly. We were very glad to see that.

福岡5 9.30 CIMG1108.JPGAt each meeting we cover various themes and show special techniques for introducing the language and how to teach it so that students will learn it. Also, the MAT techniques can be adapted to any lesson, so even though there may be sentence patterns that may not fit level of your class, we think that it is necessary to learn it early.

Students must know a lot of verbs before introducing the Progressive Form. We always introduce root form of verbs in the Warm-up section and show them how to make sentences with them. This is because if the progressive form is taught first, students often say sentences such as “I swimming”. This is also because they may be going to a Swimming Club. Therefore, the order of teaching verbs is important and we must be careful when we introduce the progressive form.

For the “It’s Your Turn” section, teachers experienced how to do the Introductory Exercise of the MAT METHOD. At first, they could not do it very well, but after practicing, they got used to how to do it. With the Q&A forms, although we went through how to teach these at our meeting, it is recommended for teachers to introduce these appropriately according to their students’ needs and levels, instead of doing it all in one session.

福岡6 9.30 CIMG1112.JPG福岡9 9.30 CIMG1120.JPG
Yukari sensei introduced various Halloween Activities. After singing, “Halloween Night!” (Yukari’s original song), she introduced the following activities for Halloween.

1. Go Away Big Green Monster 福岡10 9.3 CIMG1123.JPG
This was a game using the sentence, “Go Away.”
2. Let’s Find the Black Cats
An Attack Game: This used the IIEEC cats for an exciting interactive game
3. What are You Doing in the Haunted House? A Matching Game 
4. Witch’s Brew
Your students will be very excited with this game. This is about a strange drink made by witches. The participants seemed to be glad at SG. ???? (^o^)
5. Story Telling: The Freaky Witch (Original book by Makoto Sakamoto)  

Next our SG is going to be held on December 2nd (Sunday). 福岡8 9.30 CIMG1115.JPG

This will be the last SG for this year.
We will announce the topic later, but we’re going to introduce Christmas Ideas and also review the Basics of the MAT METHOD. 
After SG, we’re going to have our Bonenkai (year-end party). Even if you cannot come to the meeting, you are welcomed to join us at the party. You can meet other teachers and exchange information etc. We’re sure you will enjoy it. This may be a good opportunity to look back on your lessons this year and plan for next year, 2013!
Please check our IIEEC HP (Fukuoka site) to register for the next meeting. We’re looking forward to seeing you again.