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IIEEC-Oxford University Press Teacher Training Certificate ONLINE Program 2020 ■Completed■

For the New Applicants

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by canceling the Summer Session of the IIEEC-OUP Teacher Training Certificate Program.
Concerning the spread of the COVID-19, we were to offer the program only for those who have taken at least one workshop in Autumn Session 2019 and have not finished the course to receive a Certificate of Completion by watching the uploaded videos online and submitting the reports to qualify for the certificate.
However, we found out that there are many more teachers who want to take this program and learn the Model Action Talk (MAT) Method to give more effective lessons. So we decided to offer this program although this is our first trial to offer the program ONLINE.

This course is aimed at all teachers of young learners who wish to become more confident and effective teachers. You will learn a lot of valuable information from these videos and we believe that this will help you stay motivated during this COVID-19 situation. However, we would like you to understand these three points before you register.

■Three points that need to be understood before you register
Although we took these videos in the past only for our records and not for open source, we believe that the contents are still as beneficial and helpful for you.
Since we had to blur the attendees’ faces, there are scenes that are edited invisible.
For the Skills Sessions, the participants’ practice parts have been cut short to ten to twenty seconds, so please watch the videos, stop the scenes and try to practice the part as many times as possible on your own.

Please take this program and give more fun and effective lessons to your students right away!

■Videos and Materials
・The URL of the videos will be sent by email.
・All the handouts and materials will be sent by post.

■Deadline of submitting the reports
November 30th, Sunday
The details will be announced separately later.

■Course Fees
The cost of each workshop is ¥5,000. (Included: one lecture video, one skill’s session video, a set of handouts in English and Japanese per workshop, tax)

Please click here for more details.
Workshop 1: Lecture by Masayo Kuroda (42 min) / Skills Session by Ritsuko Nakata (74 min)
Workshop 2: Lecture by Naoko Saito (58 min) / Skills Session by Ritsuko Nakata (59 min)
Workshop 3: Lecture by Masayo Kuroda (54 min) / Skills Session by Ritsuko Nakata (62 min)
Workshop 4: Lecture by Naoko Saito/Mitsuko Kurihara (60 min) / Skills Session by Naoko Saito/Naoko Kita (60 min)
Workshop 5: Lecture by Naoko Saito (66 min) / Skills Session by Noko Saito/Mitsuko Kurihara/Naoko Kita (50 min)

■Special Offers
・10% discount on books for Oxford University Press and IIEEC materials at Royal Books
・Videos of two lunchtime activities and one kindergarten lesson
・You can watch the videos as many times as you like during the period
 (October 1st – November 30th)

Please click here to apply.
Your reservation will complete when the payment is confirmed. We will let you know the bank account for money transfer in the confirmation mail from IIEEC

September 30, Wednesday

Cancellation Policy
The fees will not be refunded once the payment has been made.

Please enjoy learning the Model Action Talk Method through the videos!

IIEEC Teacher Training Center
It is strictly prohibited to share the contents of this program with others.
Also, unauthorized copying and replication of the contents of the videos, handouts and images are strictly prohibited.