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Activities 【Beanbag Game】

【Beanbag Game】

The following Beanbag Game was one of the activities introduced at the recent Nagoya Study Group Meeting. Students love this game with actions and a thrill. Read about the meeting in the “Event Report”.

Level: Lower level students
Language: “Who’s s/he?” – “S/he’s my mother / father.”(Let’s Go 1 Unit 4)
Materials: Let’s Go Teacher and Student Family Cards (mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, baby sister), 2 beanbags

How to play:
1. Put TC family member cards face up on the floor and matching SC cards
  face up in the pocket chart.

2. Divide the students into 2 teams.

3. Put masking tape or a jump rope on the floor and have them stand in lines
  behind the tape or rope.

4. The first players from each team do SSP, saying:

  “Who’s she?, Who’s he? 1, 2, 3!”  

  and the loser asks:

  “Who’s she?”  

   by pointing to the Student Card (e.g, ‘mother’) in the pocket chart.

5. The winner answers:

  “She’s my mother,”
  and throws a beanbag on the Teacher Card (‘mother’).

6. If he throws it on the card, he can get the card. If not, he cannot keep it.

7. They go back to the end of the lines.

8. The second players do SSP and do this continue the game in the same way.

9. The game finishes when all cards are taken or time is up.

10. The team gets the most cards is the winner.