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Summer Activities 【The BBQ Game】&【Word Making Game】

Here are some fun summer activities for your classes that were presented at the Osaka Study Group meeting recently.Have fun trying them out!
You’ll get lots of ideas for teaching at the Study Group meetings in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. If you have any activities you want to share, let us know!
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【The BBQ Game】
Levels: Beginners and Lower graders
1. Cards using familiar acronyms (BBQ, BBC, NHK. etc.).
2. Paper: cut into the shape of yakiniku meat.
3. A grill, chopsticks, dishes
Object: To be able to recognize capital letters.

How to play:
1) Spread the cards face down on the grill.
2) Divide students into several groups.
3) The first player picks up a card using chopsticks while the teammates chant
“Let’s have a (BBQ). Let’s have a (BBQ) 3, 2, 1.”
4) On “One”, the first player shows the card to the teammates and everybody says the letter together.
5) They continue until the cards are gone.
6) They make as many acronyms as possible.
7) The team that gets the BBQ cards gets a point.
8) Continue until time is up.

【Word Making Game】
Levels: Upper graders
1. Cards with shells drawn on one side.
2. Attach letters to the back side with paper clips.
3. A net with three magnets and a bucket for each team
Object: To fish for cards with the magnets and spell words

How to play:
1) Spread the shell cards face down on a blue sheet (plastic or paper).
2) Divide the students into several groups.
3) Give a net and a bucket to each team.
4) The first players dig into the shells with their nets and try to scoop up as many shells as possible in one try.
5) Their team asks: “How many shells (did you get)?”
6) They take turns and continue until all the cards are gone.
7) Then they look at the cards and try to make words using the letters they got.
8) The team that is able to use up the most letters is the winner.