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Osaka Study Group Meeting 2015 March 1st Report

Osaka Study Group Meeting 2015 March 1st Report

Desktop8.jpgWe had another wonderful meeting on March 1st.
The theme for this meeting was “Where is ~?” and how to give directions.

Desktop3.jpgAt the beginning we sang a song. We changed the verse and put the target sentence pattern into the verse so that the students can review as they sing the song.

With practice Key 1, how to introduce in, on, under, by was demonstrated. The idea of using a chair of a doll house was unique and we all enjoyed it.
Where’s the ball? It’s on the chair. Oops! There’s a hole! Now it’s under the chair!!
DRILL with a good rhythm and tempo! That was the point!!

Desktop6.jpgGiving directions seems to be a popular topic that appears in most junior high school textbooks as well as in elementary school English activities. With the Model, Action, Talk (MAT) METHOD, students will get a lot of chance to practice before they are told to USE the language. Thus they will be able to use English naturally with confidence.

We enjoyed Activities where we found where the eggs are, gave directions and got some candy, sang a Bunny Hokey-Pokey and made some paper butterflies which flew to the flowers. We all had fun.

Desktop7.jpgOur next Study Group Meeting is coming soon. We are looking forward to seeing you there!