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Osaka Study Group Meeting 2018 June 17th (Sun) ■Completed■

Osaka Study Group Meeting June 17th Announcement

We hope that you and your students are having a great time in your classes.

Do you teach grammar in your classes?
With the MAT METHOD you can teach your students the structure of English without using difficult grammatical terms.

The topic for this Study Group Meeting is how to teach Be verbs as they change according to the subject. If you teach with the MAT METHOD, every student will understand better and remember better.

Please come and join us and see how this effective method actually works!!

We will also share some FUN summer Activities as well.

Please be aware that the venue will be at KOKOPLAZA in Shin-Osaka.

Date: June (Sun) 13:00 – 16:00
Place : KOKOPLAZA (6 min. walk from Shin-Osaka Station)
Topics: 1. Where are you? ‐I’m at the library.
    2. Where is he (she)? – She is at school.
    3. Where are they? – They are at the zoo.
    4. Fun Summer Activities
Fee : 3000 yen
Number of seats: 30

Reservations are necessary. Please register now to assure your seat.
We are looking forward to seeing you.