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Osaka Study Group Meeting 2018 March 4th (Sun) ■Completed■

Osaka Study Group Meeting March 4th Announcement

We hope that you and your students are having a great time in your classes.
Although it is still very cold, we can see that the sun is gaining its power again and spring is coming towards us.

Speaking of spring, March is coming soon and it is when we start to think of our new school year.
I imagine that you might have a conversation like this.

What do you have to do to prepare for school?
Do you have to buy some notebooks?

So we chose this sentence pattern for our topic.

With the MAT METHOD, we believe that it is important to relate what we teach to students’ experiences and to use a natural situation to introduce the target language.
Why is it important?
Let’s discuss and find a good way to teach English with excitement.

Please join us and experience how the students will feel when they are taught with the MAT METHOD.

Date: March 4th (Sun) 13:00 – 16:00
Place: Bentencho ORC200 shougai Gakushu Center
Topics: 1. What do you have to do ? I have to clean my room.
    2. Do you have to study math? Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.
    3. Fun Spring Activities
Fee: 3000 yen
Number of seats: 30

Reservations are necessary. Please register now to assure your seat.
We are looking forward to seeing you.