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OSAKA Study Group Meeting Report Dec.2

Warm Up Song.jpegThank you very much for coming to the Osaka Study Group Meeting on December 2nd. Although it was a VERY cold day, the room was brightened up and was even HOT with the enthusiasm of all the teachers who were there.

The topic for this meeting was “It’s big/ small!” and “Which is bigger?”

At the beginning we sang “Which is Bigger Song” to the music of “London Bridge is Falling Down” We enjoyed using actions as we sang and we really was able to warm up!!!

PK1.jpegWith Practice Key 1, we practiced the Basic steps of the MAT METHOD. Many boxes of presents in various shapes and sizes were shown in order to introduce the adjectives; big, small, long, short, heavy and light. One of the highlights was the huge box which was made especially for this occasion by the presenter’s family. Although it might be impossible to prepare a box this size, we recommend you to use something found in students’ daily life which has an impact when you first introduce new materials.

As for a Learning Activity, we did a game called “Guess What Game”. Some fruits and vegetables cards were shown and the students were to guess what the item is by guessing its color and shape. This is a well-known game, but never fails to be fun!!

Which is longer2.jpgWith Practice Key 2, we demonstrated how to teach the comparative form. What is important is to make sure the students understand that we are comparing two items. It is necessary to show visual aids with a clear and comprehensible context. Also, please remember the philosophy of the MAT METHOD which is to teach “ONE” new thing at a time. At this meeting, we just compared the size and weight of a cat and a mouse.
Later as the students get used to saying the basic sentences, we can show more animals and expand. 
As for introducing the question form, we used Christmas color strings and compared their length. The students will love to take the part of the teacher and soon learn to say “Which is longer?”

It's your turn.jpegWe always have a corner called “It’s your turn” where the attendees get into smaller groups and practice what was just presented. At this meeting, there were some teachers who were unfamiliar with the MAT METHOD. So they got into one group and practiced more of the basic steps instead of the comparative form. We hope you got some good ideas and feel confident to try it in your classes.

Santa snack2.jpg In the latter part of the meeting, we had fun doing Christmas activities and making an easy craft.
We all had fun comparing the sizes and weights of our Christmas presents, making and eating Gingerbread Men, and decorating a gingerbread house. Also we enjoyed making Christmas color yo-yo balls and sharing an idea to make Santa Claus with snacks.

Story Telling.jpegWe ended the meeting telling the story, “What do Snowmen do at Night?” This is a lovely story which will be great to share with your students on a cold winter day.

We are very thankful for your eagerness and cooperation we got all through this year. We wish you a merry, merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!!!!