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OSAKA Study Group Meeting September 8th, 2019 ■Copleted■

Dear teachers,

The word “Summer vacation” reminds us of the exciting feeling before going on an adventure or during challenging new things. Now that it is just in the middle of the Summer Vacation, we hope you are actually enjoying this summer season with challenging and adventurous sparkling experiences.

One of the topics for our next Osaka Study Group Meeting is “How to teach Yes/ No questions”.
The newspaper tells us about the great change that we will go through next year when English will be taught as a subject in elementary schools. And one thing that is attracting the teachers’ interest is the speaking interaction activity called the “Small Talk”. During this activity students will learn to say Yes or No to various questions from the very early stage, but is it OK just to tell them to say Yes or No.

We sometimes find some students suffering in expressing themselves in Junior high schools and Senior High Schools and they seem to have difficulties in understanding the grammar. Most students feel comfortable answering “Yes, I do.” but feel difficult to answer “Yes, it is.” We as teachers should be aware of these difficulties and should know how to reduce their stress.

So please come and join us if you are interested in this topic!!

Time: September 8th, 2019
13:00-16:30 (The door opens at 12:45)

Place: Namba Shimin Gakushu Center
Within the Station building of JR Namba station / Kintetsu /Hanshin Osaka Namba Station

1 How to teach Yes/ No Questions efficiently
 Do you like yellow? – Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
 Is her pen pink? – Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.
2 Fun Halloween Activities

Fee: 3,500 yen

Number of seats: 35

Please make a reservation now to assure your seat.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon

IIEEC Osaka Office