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The 2-Day MAT Seminar in TOKYO 2015 January 10 & 11 ■Completed■

The 2-Day MAT Seminar is an intensive course that covers the major things that a teacher needs to know about the Model Action Talk (MAT) Method and the techniques used in getting students to talk 80% of class time without the teacher’s help, learn to read as they learn to talk, and be able to write as well. Grammar can be taught easily and students can learn the tenses, infinitives, prepositions, gender and other parts of speech even before they learn them in their textbooks.
Teachers will learn how to do all of the above and more, and how they can arrange their lessons to fit them in and have interactive and fun lessons throughout the year.

This seminar is given irregularly once every few years. Don’t miss this chance to learn to give your students your best.

Seats are very limited, (Maximum 25. Seminar may be canceled if less than 10) so please reserve your seat early.

Date: January 11th & 12th
     Sun / Mon (holiday)
     9:30 -16:30 both days

     1 min. walk from Nakano Stn., North Exit (JR / Tokyo Metro Tozai Line )
     Hotel facilities available (Reserve early)

Fee: 42,000 yen * (2 days of intensive skills)
    * 10% discount for Certificate Program participants and 2-Day Seminar Repeaters.
     Proof of attendance is necessary

Number of People: SMALL group session (maximum 25) *May be canceled if less than 10.

・Everything you wanted to know about Teaching “little” things
・The Tenses, Infinitives, Pronouns, Prepositions, etc.
・MAT Phonics
・Creative Reading & Writing
・How to do the gestures
・& More!

Please send

1. Your name
2. Address
3. Phone number
4. Where you teach
5. Have you received a certificate from
 a) the IIEEC-OUP Teacher Training Certificate Course?
   If YES, please fill in the date ___________________
 b) The 2-Day MAT Seminar
   If YES, please fill in the place and date: ______________ _______________

with subject title: 2-Day MAT Seminar in Tokyo
to the following address:

We are looking forward to seeing you!

IIEEC Teacher Training Center