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The MAT 2-day Seminar in Gumma covered a lot of ground in the two full days filled with lots of practice in the techniques and lectures about what and HOW to teach. Ritsuko had a power drink each day to help her through the seminar 前橋写真1.jpg

Some of the things they learned were how to do the MAT 3 Steps; teaching Vocabulary, Sentence and Question. Each teacher practiced how to hold the cards and shuffle them swiftly for the 6-second DRILL Games. They learned how to teach the verbs and tenses and got into small groups to practice. We did a lot of “Learning Activities” or games to show how each activity could be done in a minute or two and has a purpose with everyone getting a turn.

The MAT Phonics was a lot of fun with everyone doing gestures and the sexy “i” sound The cats show the mouth position and gesture for each of the sounds.

phonics cat A155.jpgphonics cat E159.jpgphonics cat I158.jpgphonics cat O154.jpgphonics cat U160.jpg

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