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Using Let’s Go Workshops

In response to popular request, we now have workshops for Let’s Go users who are also using the MAT METHOD.
You will learn how to get greater mileage with the texts and also learn how the MAT METHOD will INCREASE production and participation from your students.
See how you can activate, motivate and have fun with Let’s Go and MAT

Teaching at Public Elementary Schools
Teaching English in elementary schools is growing rapidly, however, the issues of who, how and what to teach is still not clear. 
This workshop will present teaching points, how to keep students interested and a variety of fun activities. 
A video showing of an actual classroom will also be shown.

Teaching Let’s Go with Upper Graders
Starting Let’s Go with upper Graders.
This is one of the questions we often get from teachers. 
If you are starting a new class with upper graders, this workshop is for you! 
Don’t miss it!

Teaching Let’s Go with Lower Graders Workshop
Do you want to know how to use the text effectively? This workshop is for you!
In addition you will learn how to get your students to speak out and have fun at the same time.
This level is the foundation of their English education, so make sure it is successful and let your students enjoy learning English!

★How to Apply
1. Please check the date of the seminar you would like to attend.
2. Please fill out the following form.
3. Meetings may be canceled if there are less than 10 participants.
Reserve at least one week in advance.