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MAT Teacher Training Seminar

The Model Action Talk (MAT) Method

MAT Teacher Training Seminars are a great opportunity to learn how you can get your students to communicate in English by using the most talked about method in Japan, the Model Action Talk (MAT) Method.

MAT was developed by IIEEC founder and well-known author Ritsuko Nakata specifically for Japanese children who are learning English. Ms. Nakata conducts these intensive seminars personally, and will cover the questions that teachers ask most:

  • how to get students to ask, answer, and interact with each other
  • how to get students to give opinions
  • how to teach the basic tenses
  • how to teach basic phonics
  • how to teach basic reading and writing
  • how to keep classes under control
  • how to deal with level gaps

    and much more!


  1. The Fundamentals of MAT
  2. Teaching the Tenses
  3. MAT Phonics, TELL & Writing
  4. Curriculum Planning & Demo Lessons

2-Day MAT Teacher Training Seminar

Here is your chance to learn how to get your students to communicate in English by getting the students to talk 80% of the time in class!? Learn how you can teach sentences using both questions and answers, all the basic tenses with actions, reading and writing and more with amazing results.

The participants will receive a certificate from the IIEEC Teacher Training Center signed by Ritsuko Nakata.

Participation Fee

42,000 yen
*?Tax included

How to Apply?

  1. Please check the date of the seminar you would like to attend.
  2. Please fill out the following form.
  3. Meetings may be canceled if there are less than 10 participants.
    Reserve at least one week in advance.

* MAT Seminars usually last for two days and we recommend that participants take part in the full two day session wherever possible. If you cannot attend for two full days, please let us know using the comment box at the bottom of the form. We will contact you to try and accommodate you with a shorter seminar program.

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