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Music, Rhythm & Movement Workshop

With all new songs, chants and activities, this workshop was a great hit at the 2004 Summer Conference. Have your students enjoy rhythm and movement and activate your classes with great music!

Music is part of culture. Culture is part of language education.
Learn how to teach songs and chants with actions and activities for every level from the very young to junior high students.

Do you lack confidence using songs in class? Are you looking for more ways to make your classes fun?

As well as helping students gain cultural insights into different countries, using songs in class is one of the best methods to teach English intonation and rhythm. In this workshop we’ll provide solutions to the questions above by practicing enjoyable songs that combine gestures, games and other techniques to aid your teaching and make your classes extra enjoyable!

Participation Fee 

10,500 yen*
Tax included

How to Apply 

  1. Please check the date of the seminar you would like to attend.
  2. Please fill out the following form.
  3. Meetings may be canceled if there are less than 10 participants.
    Reserve at least one week in advance.

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