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TOKYO Study Group Meeting Apr.15(Sun) ■Complete■

Can your students say what they really want to talk about in English?                     -How to teach the past tense

At the Tokyo Study Group Meetings, you will enjoy learning and practicing the basic skills of the MAT METHOD. You will also get a lot of tips to keep your students active and motivated. All new and experienced teachers and public school teachers are welcome!

Students love to tell you what they did during the weekend or during the vacation, don’t they? It would be more exciting for them if they can talk about it in English! Let’s teach the past tense to bring out more of what the students really want to talk about. And some of the expressions students can use in class are in past tense too, such as I forgot… I found….
The past tense will help students become more active in using the Classroom English. Even small children!
Also look forward to effective activities and a cute spring song!