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OSAKA Study Group Meeting June 17 ■Completed■

The topic for the June Osaka Study Group Meeting is “How to teach verbs which take both indirect and direct objects”. How would you teach verbs such as “give her a present” and “buy him a bag?”
With the magic of the MAT METHOD, your students will be able to understand the concept and the rule by themselves.

You might think that your students are not ready for such “complicated” sentence patterns, but this pattern is used naturally in their native language. If they understand the concept, they can be taught even if the students are young.
The MAT METHOD is a wonderful method that leads your students to understand what they are learning with little stress. Even the younger ones will be using the language on their own.

Please come and join us and see the wonderful results which the MAT METHOD will bring to your class.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon!