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OSAKA Study Group Meeting Dec. 1 ■Completed■

We can feel that fall has come from the dry air and the blue sky with wispy clouds.
We hope you are enjoying the arrival of fall and teaching in your classes.

At the next Osaka Study Group Meeting, we would like to share with you the wonderful results you can get with the MAT METHOD, which really helps students USE English on their own.

The topic for our next Study Group Meeting is checking the basic steps of the MAT METHOD as we teach how to express feelings.

We would also like to share ideas on how to expand an expression so that the students will be able to see how the language can be used in various situations. We also hope that we can answer the questions we often hear about how to review a certain expression in a meaningful way.

We will introduce some fun Christmas Activities, which will surely liven up your classes, too.

Please join us and see your students change!!!