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OSAKA Study Group Meeting March 2nd (Sun) ■Completed■

We hope that you are all doing well. How are your classes going?

We really had a fruitful and fun time at the MAT 2-Day Seminar held in Osaka on January 12th and 13th.

At the next Osaka Study Group Meeting, we would like to review what Ms. Nakata emphasized at the Seminar in order to have the students start to talk by themselves to each other. For the first step, we will review the basic steps of the MAT Practice System, which makes the lesson intensive and FUN.

Do you have problems with your students forgetting what they have learned? One way to solve that kind of problem is to review. We would like to introduce how to REVIEW in a fun and effective way using the IIEEC Question cards.

We also plan to introduce some fun ‘spring’ activities, which you might want to try in your trial lessons and Easter parties as well as in your daily lessons.

Please join us and see how the Magic of the MAT METHOD will change your students !!!