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IIEEC Osaka Events July/August/September 2021 ■Completed■

Dear Teachers,

We hope everything is going well.

On May 23rd, we had 1-Day MAT Basic Seminar Workshop 4 -TELL &Lesson Planning. This Basic Seminar consists of 4 workshops. If you attend all four workshops and submit the assignments, you will receive a certificate from IIEEC.

The one we had in May was the fourth workshop. We had time to discuss ‘TELL’ and Lesson Planning. TELL is a very important activity, which is unique to the Model Action Talk (MAT) METHOD.
We do this activity every lesson. By doing so, the Japanese young learners start to use what they have learned to express their opinions instead of thinking in Japanese first and then translate in English.
It has a great impact on the students’ mindset!! If you are interested, please join us.

Also, we had a good time discussing the importance of making lesson plans. We learned that it is important to think about the Long Term Aim first and then think about the Year Plan, the Unit Plan , and Daily Plan. The teachers were so excited to see how much they can do in a 60-minute lesson when it is well planned. We received so many positive comments, saying they cannot wait to make their own plans. Isn’t that great?

We also have Mini Study Group Meetings and Activity Workshops, so please check below and join us!!

【Events in July, August, and September】

Mini Study Group Meeting (Online)
July 18th 10:00-12:30 @ Zoom
PK: Future Tense(未来形)
Lecture: About the Brain(脳について)
Fee: ¥3,500

1-Day MAT Basic Seminar Workshop 1 – Introductory Exercise & MAT Verbs and Gestures
August 22nd 9:50-15:00 @ Zoom
Fee: ¥10,000

Mini Study Group Meeting (Online)
September 12th 10:00~12:30 @ Zoom
PK: When do you go to the library 
Lecture: Expansion  
Fee: ¥3,500

Halloween Activity Workshop (Online)
September 12th 13:30~15:30 @ Zoom
Fee: ¥4,000

**As for September 12th, if you take the Mini Study Group Meeting in the morning AND the Summer Workshop in the afternoon, we will give you a ¥500 discount and the fee will be ¥7,000

【How to Apply】
Please click the URL below and fill in the application form.

【About the personal Information】
The information we get is for IIEEC reference only and will not be used for any other purpose.

【Participant Fee】
We will send you mail regarding where to send the fee after you have registered.
Please be sure that you can receive our email
The fee must be received before each event.

【Cancellation and refund】
Cancellation is accepted by the previous Wednesday of each event.
We will deduct the handling fee (500 yen) from the total amount and refund the rest.
We cannot refund you if you cancel after the previous Thursday of each event.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

IIEEC Osaka Office