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Meet the Teachers (Let’s Go Hidaka English Club)

◆Let’s Go Hidaka English Club◆ Ms. Mitsuko Kurihara

20 Years……And Still Successful

Let’s Go Hidaka English Club Newsletter No. 240. Number 240!!1-Newsletter__.jpg
Yes, I have been writing the Newsletter to my students and their parents every month for 20 years. I started teaching English to children with the “Let’s Go” series exactly 20 years ago. I asked Mrs. Ritsuko Nakata, whom I respect the most, to name my small school in Hidaka, Saitama. Thanks to her, she named my school “Let’s Go Hidaka English Club.”

I do not know how many students I have taught. I usually meet them when they are only five years old because I teach at two nursery schools. Then the parents who want their children to learn English send them to my school. LG赤コラージュ.jpg
Most of the students never quit studying with me until they become high school students, which means I know most of my students since they were 5 years old all the way until they are 15 years old. I think my oldest students are now over 35 years old. I know some of them have an international marriage and some of them experienced studying abroad. Some of them still visit me and call me “Mrs. Kurihara.” What a precious job I have!

Now 20 years have passed since I opened my school and I am still successful to have many new students. Do you know how I have been teaching? The answer is easy. I just followed what Mrs. Ritsuko Nakata taught me. “Teach your students as you would your own children.” “The students’ test is the test for the teachers.” There are so many great teaching tips I have learned from her. Her teaching method, the MAT METHOD is more than great and the course book “Let’s Go” is always the best. When I wrote my “Newsletter No. 240”, I could not help but to thank Mrs. Nakata, The MAT METHOD and “Let’s Go.”

1-iieec 2013HP.jpgI just had an open class for my new students with LG 4th Edition. Again I will watch the new students grow and enjoy teaching them. All of my students started and will start my class with singing the “Hello Song.” They never forget this song.
What is the world’s most famous English song? “Happy Birthday To You”, right? I believe our “Hello Song” will take its place in the future. I believe all children who learn English should know the “Hello Song”, and then it will become the world’s famous English song.
Thank you again Mrs. Ritsuko Nakata, The MAT METHOD and “Let’s Go.”

Editor’s note: Mitsuko has been one of the Trainers for IIEEC for many years.