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Meet the Teachers “My Lifesaver, MAT!” ■NEW■

【Public Junior High School English Teacher】  Ms. Atsuko Miyamae (Otofuke-cho, Hokkaido)

My Lifesaver, MAT

MAT JOY.jpgThe MATMETHOD is the best!!! That’s what I always thought when I was teaching kindergarteners and elementary school students. My students were active and enthusiastic with MAT. They were able to talk to each other and remember grammatical structures, not as the older students could, but they understood pretty well. I felt as if I had been a great teacher to them!
Remembering myself as a ‘greatest teacher’, I started teaching at a public junior high school in 2013. As a public J.H.S. English teacher, I couldn’t help wondering, “Where has THE great teacher gone?” because I no longer saw active students in my class. My lessons just went quiet. The students didn’t respond. They weren’t eager. They looked at me as if they were saying, “What do you want to do?”. I was so disappointed because I thought that my class was fun and active. I tried to encourage myself, “This is because the students are OLDER.” However, that was wrong. All the bad lessons were my fault. I was the one who ruined my classes. I struggled with how to teach and what to use in class for a while. After struggling with my lessons, I remembered that Ritsuko Nakata sensei once told me MAT is great for all ages and all subjects; even Social Studies teachers at junior high teach with it.
DSC01653.JPGI started teaching with MAT again. I made picture cards with things junior high school students are into, such as famous artists, sports players, or manga characters and did MAT DRILLs. At first they were hesitant to speak or even repeat, but soon they began to move their mouths. They started to talk! They even enjoyed saying “again” with me in the DRILL! I was rescued by MAT!
In order to keep them active, I make their mini tests from what they’ve practice, and their mid-term tests are based on them. Now, I’m sure you can imagine the positive reactions I got from my students! DSC01650.JPG

I also teach some special needs students. My students enjoy talking because of the repetition and fun DRILLs with MAT. Although they need more time to remember things, they seem to enjoy the classes. I am happy to see them active, too.
I am still on the way and will face many obstacles. But I am confident that I will overcome them because I know MAT is good for all ages and all students. I am and will continue to be a MAT LOVER!