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Activities (FIND THE GHOST Game!)


Levels: Preschool to upper elementary
Materials: Several ghost cards with different expressions and colors
Example: happy, sad, hot, cold, tired, sleepy, angry, suprised, etc.
Object: To guess which ghost is (sad/green).
Language: Q: Which ghost is (sad)? A: (I think) this ghost is sad.

1. Review and DRILL the feelings and sentence pattern. Have the students say them fluently.

This ghost is sad. This ghost is happy, etc.

2. Divide the class into two teams.
3. Put the cards face down on the table or floor between the teams.
4. The teacher (student) asks:

Which ghost is (tired)?

5. One player from each team picks up a card.
6. Each player says what is on their card.

A: This ghost is happy.
B: This ghost is tired.

7. If the card is the same (tired), the player wins a point for her team.
8. If neither player gets the card, they return their cards and the next players play.
9. The team with the most cards is the winner.

1. Color the ghosts. Instead of the feelings, play with colors.

Which ghost is (green)?

2. Make word cards of feelings, colors, sizes, etc. Practice reading them.
Play in the same way as above, but have the students pick up and read the word cards as they say the sentences.

(sad, happy, angry) (yellow, pink, green)
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