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Event Reports (Osaka & Nagoya Study Group Meetings / September )

【OSAKA Study Group Meeting 9/12】
Thank you for attending the Osaka Study Group Meeting held on September 12th.

The topics were:
There is a desk in the bedroom. / There are toys in the bedroom.
Where is the clock? It’s on the desk.
Where are the photos? They are under the bed.

To some teachers, these patterns may seem very complicated, however, I think the participants found that it was easy to teach them using the MAT METHOD. This is because your students learn step by step through the MAT Practice System. Also using gestures helps them say sentences with the singular and plural nouns.

So please come to our next meeting on December 5th and learn some more fun techniques with the MAT METHOD and lots of great Christmas ideas!

You can see more about the Osaka events at our blog.


【NAGOYA Study Group Meeting 9/26】
Thank you very much for coming to the Nagoya Study Group Meeting inSeptember! 名古屋SG1205用.JPG
It was our first meeting in two years and we were very happy to see everyone and share our teaching skills.

We started with a warm up song, “What did you do yesterday?” to the melody of Mulberry Bush, and then introduced how to teach the past tense:
“What did you do yesterday?” & “I ~ yesterday” with the MAT METHOD.

After watching the demo lesson, everyone practiced how to teach them in groups. Then we enjoyed some activities using the past tense pattern and we got more excited with fun Halloween activities.

Have you tried to teach them in your lessons? Do you still remember how to teach them?

Please always remember that we have to teach STEP BY STEP! We are sure that you can apply the MAT METHOD in not only private English schools, but also in elementary schools!

We will have the next meeting on December 5th (Sun) at 9:30~11:30. We will practice the basics of the MAT METHOD and introduce fun Christmas activities. We are looking forward to seeing you in December!

Yukari Harrison
IIEEC Nagoya