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Meet the Teachers (Beanstalk English School)

【Beanstalk English School for Children and Parents 】

Ms. Kikuko Shimizu, Owner (Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Pref.)

The more you speak English, the more you acquire it. I try to follow this saying in my school, so I have my students, both mother and child, use the English they learned together at home everyday.


Speaking English at home seems to be the best way to improve a child’s
English, but how does it work?

If a parent and a child take English lessons together and use
English in their daily lives, it will help a lot in remembering what they learned! Parents know what their children are learning in class, and talking to each other at home will increase the ties that bind them together.
That’s why “Beanstalk” is an English school for both parent and child.

At home, my students speak English to each other as their lesson review. When the child gets stuck, the parent does the Model, the Action with the child, and they Talk to each other.
Then…”You did it!” The child is happy to get praised by the mother.

In this way, using the MAT METHOD makes both parent and child happy!
And it works! I think the MAT METHOD is the greatest method!

Haruto and Ayu did a BINGO game.
They did role-play with the IIEEC Expression and Question cards.

Akito and Ayano made their mommy a mummy!


Shun introduced a Jack o’lantern craft.
He explained how to make it! Of course he did it in English.

Rena did a matching relay race game.
She made other children say, “It’s ~.”

Daiki and Misaki asked others ” What’s this?” and others had to ask ” Is it ~?”

Everyone became a wonderful teacher and a leader for this party.
They enjoyed speaking English!
I am grateful for everyone’s support in making this party successful.
Happy Halloween!
(Kikuko Shimizu is the third person on the right in the front row.)