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Meet the Teachers (Urano English School)

【Urano English School】

Ms. Hiroko Urano, Owner (Toyooka, Hyogo Pref.)

“My students are talking in English spontaneously.”
This is the ideal image of my classroom.


As you know, children in Japan don’t need to speak English in daily life. How can I get them to speak English by themselves? They won’t be able to have the ability to use English only with practice like “Repeat after me.”
To make them communicate in English – listen, answer, ask, read and write – teaching methods play an important role.

And the MAT METHOD is really it!
When I first introduced the method into my lessons, my students spoke English actively and looked happy. It was amazing! They have never got bored with the drills of the MAT METHOD and have acquired English effectively since then.

“Teaching is learning.”
This is my motto as a teacher. I will learn more and pursue my ideal image of my students.

Urano English School
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(Photo: Halloween Party in 2009)