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Event Reports (Tokyo Study Group Meeting / Nov. 23)

【Tokyo Study Group Meeting Nov. 23】

Christmas Activities

The TSG meeting had a room full of enthusiastic teachers who were excited to learn new activities for their classes and to review the MAT METHOD.
The grammar point for this session was:

There is a ~.
There is a ~ in/on/under/by the ~.
Is there a ~ in/on/under/by the ~.

These sentences seem to be difficult to teach, however, teachers found that they were actually very easy to teach using gestures, rhythm and the Three Steps of the MAT METHOD!

TSGNov2010 005.jpg
Lots of enthusiastic participants.

TSGNov2010 002.jpg
Mrs. Ritsuko Nakata

TSGNov2010 011.jpg
Fun activity using prepositions

TSGNov2010 031.jpg
Practicing how to teach

TSGNov2010 009.jpg
Trainers demonstrate a Christmas activity